Dvd - Nanny Diaries

Dvd - Nanny Diaries


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Nanny Diaries


In this heart-warming film based on the best-selling novel by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, acclaimed actress Scarlett Johansson plays Annie Braddock, a beautiful young college graduate with little career direction. Her new anthropology degree gets put to quick use in the wilds of New York City when a posh Upper East Side family recruits her to care for their 4-year old son. Though she may be more inclined to study in the Amazon or Africa, Annie learns that her new environment has its own unique social patterns and practices. Hilarious circumstances ensue as she comes to grips with her new surroundings, falls for a wealthy native boy, and tries to teach her young charge about the happiness money can't buy.Boasting an all-star cast including Laura Linney, Paul Giammati, Chris Evans and Alicia Keys, The Nanny Diaries is an entertaining look at a side of urban life most will never experience...and one we'll never forget!